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    Are you tired of sitting down each month to write out countless checks to pay your bills?  If so, we have a quick and easy service for you that eliminates the drudgery of monthly bill paying! 
    Online Bill Payment is an additional online service offered to Pilot Grove Savings Bank customers.  This free service allows you to pay almost anyone from your local utility company to your cell phone provider to your babysitter!  In order to use the Online Bill Payment service, you must have a current checking account with Pilot Grove Savings Bank and an active NetTeller account.  Bill Payment may be accessed by your computer or tablet at www.pilotgrovesavingsbank.com and use of your unique user name and password.   
    The following are some benefits of using Online Bill Payment: 
    • Pay all of your bills with just the click of a mouse and a few key strokes. 
    • Pay bills from anywhere you have Internet access, at home or away! 
    • Save money on checks and postage.  
    • Set up recurring payments to be paid automatically. 
    • Make person-to-person payments  
    Signing up for Online Bill Payment is easy.  Once logged into NetTeller, click on the "Bill Pay" tab on the top of the screen and follow the prompts from there.  

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