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    Security Where You Need It, When You Need It. 
    Pilot Grove Savings Bank utilizes only the highest levels of online security to ensure that your information is safe. Our strict internal policies and procedures provide you with the online account protection that we would expect ourselves, as bank customers. 
    All Pilot Grove Savings Bank online sessions are 100% regulated and secure to provide you with peace of mind in updating your accounts online. We have designed and maintain security procedures to prevent any unauthorized access to your privileged information. We vow to continue in our efforts to update and test our computers and other technology to guarantee the highest security for our systems and customer information.  
    Pharming is a hacker's attack aiming to redirect a website's traffic to another, bogus website.  To prevent being a victim of pharming you should ensure the web address for Pilot Grove Savings Bank's website reads as follows:  https//www.pilotgrovesavingsbank.com.   This verifies that the connection is encrypted and the domain you are connected to is correct. 
    We encourage our customers to routinely scan their PC and portable media using a reliable anti-virus product to detect and remove viruses.  Computer viruses may corrupt and/or destroy your programs, files and even your hardware.  Additionally, you may unintentionally transmit a virus to other computers. 
    Please know that Pilot Grove Savings Bank will never send you an email asking for your personal information.  If you receive an email asking you to provide personal and/or sensitive information, do not click on any link and do not send the information.  Even if the website and/or email appear genuine - do not continue. 

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