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Pilot Grove Savings Bank

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

The answers to many common questions, grouped by category, are summarized below.


Where do I find Pilot Grove Savings Bank’s routing number, account number and check number on a check?  Refer to the sample check below:
Sample check showing how to found the routing number, account number and check number for Pilot Grove Savings Bank

What is the cut-off time for processing deposits? 4:00 pm. Anything after 4:00 pm will be processed on the next business day.

How do I change my address on my account? Call or stop in to your local branch

How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?  After you have an open checking account with Pilot Grove Savings Bank, you will receive our routing/transit number and your account number. If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide this information to the human resources or payroll department at your company.

What’s required to apply for a checking or savings account?

  1. Current government issued photo ID (examples are drivers license, military ID, passport, or U.S. alien registration card, social security card and birth certificate for minors).
  2. Copy of a utility bill, paycheck, or vehicle registration are just a few examples of what could be provided to verify your address if it does not match your government issued photo ID from item 1 above.
  3. Social Security Number.

What are your current interest rates on deposit accounts? We do not post our rates online, but if you call your local branch we’d be happy to give them to you over the phone or email/mail them to you.

How do I reorder checks? Call or stop in to your local branch.  

Debit Cards
When will I receive my PIN number for my debit card after opening a new card? Within two weeks of ordering a new card, you will be mailed a temporary PIN in a separate envelope from the actual card itself.

How can I change my PIN number? Changing your PIN is optional.  If you wish to change the PIN to something different, please call or visit your local branch.

How do I activate my new SHAZAM®Chek VISA Debit Card? Call the number on the back of your card or activate it at any ATM.

What do I do if I lose my debit card? If you have the brella™   App on your phone, turn your debit card off so that no one is able to use your card. If you don’t have the brella™ App, and want to report a lost/stolen card or fraud after business hours, please contact SHAZAM Fraud Operations at 800-383-8000 . Otherwise, contact your local branch during regular business hours.

Do I need to notify the bank if I’m travelling and will be using my debit card? Yes. Please call to set up a travel notice with your local branch or set up a travel notice within the brella™ App.

How do I set up alerts? Transaction alerts can be set up within the brella™  App.

Are there any fees for using an ATM? All Pilot Grove Savings Bank ATMs and Privileged status ATMs are free for Pilot Grove Savings Bank customers. Visit the SHAZAM website to find the nearest Privileged status ATM near you.

What does it mean if I activate my digital wallet, otherwise known as mobile wallet? Activating your digital wallet is a way of securely using your phone to make purchases at participating merchants.  The debit card number is never exposed, rather a unique transaction code is assigned to each purchase.  Learn more about the mobile wallets offered by Pilot Grove Savings Bank: Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. 

How do I report debit card fraud? Contact our Debit Card Department during regular bank business hours at 641-472-6944 .  If you notice something during non-business hours please contact SHAZAM Fraud Monitoring Hotline at 866-508-2693 .  We recommend debit card holders also save these numbers in their phone.


Where do I find a list of Pilot Grove Savings Bank’s branch locations, ATMs and hours? Visit our branch/atm locator on the bank's website.

What’s the 24 hour telebanking phone number? The 24 hour phone banking number for InTouch to check account balances, track transactions and transfer funds is 1-877-781-5678 .

What are you able to do by calling the 24 hour telebanking number? Check account balances, track transactions, and transfer funds.

Pilot Grove Savings Bank will be closed on what holidays? All Federal holidays will have limited services, but Pilot Grove Savings Bank does remain open for some. Follow us on Facebook and we will notify you of our holiday schedules or check our website.

How do I change my name on file with Pilot Grove Savings Bank and what documentation is required? If anyone is wanting to change their name on their account(s), normally due to marriage, they will need to bring in proof of the change, i.e. marriage license and a new drivers license, and we will have to update the signature card(s) and obtain their signatures. 

How do I learn about career opportunities or submit an application for employment?  Resumes can be emailed to or you may stop into any branch location and request an application.

How do I wire money to/from my account? Contact a branch near you for wiring instructions. If you are sending a wire from Pilot Grove Savings Bank, please contact the bank you are sending it to get their wiring instructions to give to us.  We prefer you to come in to sign a wire form and withdrawal.

Do you offer a notary service and what do I need to bring to use this service, if so? Notary services are available at each branch for Pilot Grove Savings Bank customers.  All you need to bring is a current government issued photo ID.

Does Pilot Grove Savings Bank have an Investments Division? Yes, meet our team or schedule a meeting on the bank's website. 


What are the benefits of a Pilot Grove Savings Bank loan? Pilot Grove Savings Bank provides a personalized borrowing experience.  While many lenders assume all borrowers are the same, we strive to develop a personal relationship with each and every customer.  This helps us provide the correct product and loan structuring for each borrower.  Other benefits include low closing costs and options for down payment.

Best of all, our lenders are always available for a personal visit or phone call.  No phone trees and no 'Contact Us' only by email.

How do I know what type of loan to apply for?  Since every individual’s borrowing needs are different, Pilot Grove Savings Bank encourages people to call or set up a meeting with one of our knowledgeable lenders.

Can I apply for a loan online? Right now we are not taking online applications; however, a loan application can be securely emailed to you.  Please contact a loan officer to start the process.

What should you have ready to apply or get preapproved for a home loan?

  1. Completed loan application (don’t sweat it- just call or stop in and a friendly Pilot Grove Savings Bank loan officer will assist)
  2. Recent paystub, federal tax filing, or W2 form
  3. Tax return for self-employed individuals

How do I know how much I can afford to borrow? At Pilot Grove Savings Bank we realize there are no two situations alike.  While other lenders simply look at the numbers we go further by discussing you and your family's needs, goals, and future plans.  A conversation with one of our lenders can help provide guidance as to what is affordable for you.

How can I make a loan payment? You have a few options:

  1. In person at any Pilot Grove Savings Bank location.
  2. By a phone call to any Pilot Grove Savings Bank location.
  3. With the help of your loan officer, payments can be debited automatically from a deposit account.  
  4. Online by using the 'Transfer' function in NetTeller.
  5. By mail. In order to ensure prompt payments, please send them to:
Pilot Grove Savings Bank
341 Pilot Grove Road
Pilot Grove, IA 52648

Please discuss with your loan officer what is the most convenient way to make payments.  This will ensure you are provided the correct tools for fast and simple payment remittance.


How do I enroll in NetTeller, the online banking tool for Pilot Grove Savings Bank? NetTeller applications are available at each branch location.  They are also available online by where you can follow the link to the PDF document on our website, that can be printed and mailed in or dropped off at your local branch. You can also call a branch and we’ll mail you an application. 

How often does my NetTeller password expire? Every 180 days your password needs to be changed for security purposes. If you need assistance resetting your password, call your local branch.

How do I print my bank statements online?  Click on Statements, click the downward arrow next to select option on the statement you wish to print, open the PDF file, and print. We want to encourage individuals to sign up for e-Statements, which you can do by clicking on the e-Statement tab once logged in to NetTeller and following the prompts. This then eliminates the cumbersome paper statements and will keep statements out there for an 18 month rolling period going forward.

Does Pilot Grove Savings Bank have online bill payment options?  Yes, within NetTeller select Bill Pay and add new or remove payees as you please.

What are my options for making a payment to an individual with my phone or online banking? 

There are four options to pay an individual:
  1. Email – an email is sent to the person who you are paying, which asks that person to supply their routing number and account number
  2. Electronic where you have the individual's routing number and account number.
  3. Send a check.
  4. If you have mobile wallets, you may send payments to individuals who are also enrolled in mobile wallets through your phone.
Where do I go to login to online banking?  If you are using a smart phone, we recommend using our mobile app. If not, you may login to online banking on the upper right-hand corner on the home page of our website.

Do you have to have NetTeller in order to apply for mobile banking? Yes.

Does Pilot Grove Savings Bank have a mobile app? Yes, it has two apps, Pilot Grove Savings Bank mobile app and brella™. And they are both available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How do I apply for mobile banking? Follow the link to the PDF document on our website, that can be printed and mailed in or dropped off at your local branch. You can also call a branch and we’ll mail you an application. 

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